#TributeTuesday Mixdown: Baltimore Club Edition: 4-7-2015


The 2nd installment of the #TributeTuesday Mixdown series is a Baltimore Club Music Mixdown. I was introduced to Baltimore Club Music when I moved to NC about 15 years ago and have always been a fan. Baltimore Club music has finally received some credit as well notoriety in the recent years due to one particular record: I'm The Ish by DJ Class. Class is a pioneer in the club music game so it was bound to happen and it was all she wrote from there. Many artists have used Baltimore Club flavor within the last few years and its going to continue to grow. This mix is to pay homage to play an integral part of bringing club music to the masses. DJ Technics, DJ Class, Rod Lee, Mike Mumbles, KW Griff, Scotty B, K-Swift (R.I.P.), Frank Ski just to name a few. Soundcloud link available on the media page. Enjoy!

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